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St. John With You.

Welcome to the Big Island!

St. John is the smallest of the US Virgin Islands. But with its natural beauty — and its loving and caring people — it attracts visitors from all around the world and leaves a long-lasting impression. That’s why we call it the Big Island.

We also call St. John Love City. As soon as you meet our people, you’ll understand why.

Meet Your Island Hosts

The Seashell Vacations Family

As a proud St. Johnian family, Curtis and his team have led the local hospitality industry for over 35 years. We love the island we call home and are grateful to have the privilege of sharing it with you.

We provide luxury accommodations and personal touches to make your stay extraordinary. We’re
here to ensure your experience meets your
highest expectations.

“Our family welcomes yours to enjoy the island,
as we have for generations.”

Curtis Penn, Owner

Our Story

Seashell Vacations was born from a deep-
rooted commitment to island hospitality.

Curtis Penn’s father, Mr. Penn, was a taxi driver for many years on St. John. He was known to share locally sourced seashells with his tour guests, including the conch, whelk, and the bombalassy. He was also a skilled fisherman and diver who dove for conch around the island.

Many of the conch shells he collected were built into the walls of St. John by stone masons. You can find some of these very shells in the walls of our villas, Pink Conch and Bombalassy. Mr. Penn’s hospitable spirit inspired Curtis and his family to found Seashell Vacations, so that they can share this same sentiment with you.

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